Applied technology with contact testing laboratory

The megatrends of increasing electrification and resource respectively energy efficiency are leading to greater complexity in our customers’ applications.

As these applications grow more demanding, so does the need to grow for highperformance functional materials – and for extensive know-how with regard to these applications.

Our Applied Technology Department offers customers extensive support to help them choose the right contact materials for use in their application. Much of this work is carried out in our contact testing laboratory by our experienced Applied Technology staff.

The contact testing laboratory is equipped with the latest test equipment. This test equipment, together with the associated instrumentation and test procedures are maintained to provide the highest level of technical capability possible. The contact testing laboratory is designed for a broad range of capabilities from carrying out tests of our customer's switchgear to answering basic material science questions.

Materials for alternating current applications can be rapidly tested in our basic model switches at currents up to several thousand amperes. We also have equipment that allows rapid evaluation of materials for automotive applications.

In addition, customer technical cooperation projects can be designed to optimize the interaction between the contact material and the switch equipment design using SAXONIA's unique and diverse analysis and test capabilities.

With SAXONIA's Applied Technology Department we offer technical support that goes far beyond the selection of Contact Materials.