Welcome at SAXONIA Technical Materials - Contact & Power Technology Materials

SAXONIA is the partner of choice to customers who use advanced functional materials. Technical Materials continues to strengthen its value-adding role along the entire energy chain, from generation to distribution to consumption.

Our customers – multinational original equipment manufacturers, regional companies, and processing peers – represent a diverse range of industries from all over the world.

Locating our production sites close to our customers enables us to react more quickly and with greater flexibility to customer and market requirements. State-of-the art equipment and harmonized technology ensure we meet the highest quality standards whilst maximizing synergies across all our sites.

Our fine-meshed network of sales representatives and experts around the world provides personal, prompt and competent service and support around the corner and around the world. Agile commercial and technical staff with application expertise not only address customer requirements and specific challenges more effectively, but also deliver better, more targeted and tailored solutions.

SAXONIA Technical Materials is your sustainable partner with a comprehensive approach. It is our daily goal to deliver the value that drives your business forward, and to always be the customer’s first choice.