Brazing Center


With our Brazing Center in Hanau, Germany, we have for over 60 years maintained a unique and first-class center for technical advice and project work with our customers, and for the development of new, superior metal and chemical products, which meet the demanding requirements of our customers in connection technology.

Application Technology Consultation

Our experienced personnel in the Brazing Center will assist you with regard to the optimum product selection for your brazing process, discuss with you the correct design of your components for brazing and make recommendations for suitable brazing techniques, including the required parameters.

Brazing Trials

Thanks to our wide range of brazing equipment, we are able to carry out brazing trials directly on prototype and production parts. Using state of the art analytical methods, we can assess the quality of the brazed joints and subsequently evaluate the trials. The process parameters determined in this way enable the specification of the production requirements for our customers.

Brazing Seminars and Training Courses

With the aid of conferences, meetings and seminars of various organisers, our personnel at the Brazing Center discuss, expand, and share their knowledge. Specifically it is possible to support our customers by means of brazing seminars and training courses conducted on their own premises, as well as personalised events locally.

Partnership Project Work

In partnership with our customers, we address complex and long-term brazing topics in the form of project work. These include the optimisation of existing processes or the development of new production and brazing processes to meet individual adaptation of our products as well as joint research and development work.