To innovate can mean many different things:
to invent, to improve, to modernize, to renew, to restore, to regenerate.

To us at Technical Materials it means, primarily and most importantly, to create additional value for our customers. And if continuous
improvement creates additional value incrementally, we see Innovation as something instantly noticeable, obvious, remarkable,
substantial, and striking – if not revolutionary.
SAXONIA has declared Innovation to be one of its five core values – next to Openness, Respect, Teamwork, and Engagement – in the firm belief that Innovation is the ultimate driver of longterm profitability and growth.

And at Technical Materials, we wholeheartedly embrace Innovation because it is at the root of the progressiveness our customers look for in working with us as a supplier and as a strategic partner in research and development.
Building on the strengths and capabilities we possess at Technical Materials and at SAXONIA, Innovation encompasses existing and envisioned products for our chosen markets.

It also comes through in the processes required to ensure consistency and reliability in our manufacturing.
And in the services needed to enable and maintain a mutually beneficial and valuecreating business. Innovation is also at the
core of the way we address issues pertaining to resources, recycling, and disposal.

All Technical Materials sites are involved in materials and process development. Projects can be initiated and driven by local or global customer demand; they can be based on technological advances that open new ways for improving existing products or creating new ones; or they can result from strategic decisions and visionary leadership.

In working our way towards optimal solutions, we cooperate with research institutes and universities around the world, and bring
external and in-house expertise to the table.
As part of a collaborative effort, we integrate the extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of Technical Materials with that of our customers. Here, our portfolio of competencies in materials science and metal chemistry opens more angles from which to take on the intricate and unexpected challenges that each new development project presents us with.

This comprehensive approach to Innovation is why Technical Materials is recognized as a leading supplier of functional materials in the greater field of energy generation, transport, storage, distribution, and consumption.