Product & Manufacturing Operations

The product portfolio of SAXONIA Technical Materials targets various industries
under one motto: We join energies!

The focus is on functional materials – silver and copper, along with a wide array of other metallic or metal-oxide compounds – for
advanced customer applications in the greater field of energy generation, transport, storage, distribution, and consumption.

These include not only contact materials for various protection, sensing, and automation systems for low, medium, and high voltage applications, but also vacuum-grade brazing alloys for joining various metallic and metalized surfaces as well as custom-made metals that maintain 99.999 % purity.

The delivery forms of these and other products vary from semi-finished, e.g. as strip, ribbon, and wire, to discrete pieces such as tips, rivets, rings, washers, slugs, granules, and spheres.
These products may be packaged in bulk, individually sealed, or delivered as a ready- togo assembly.

Our manufacturing operations apply a broad range of metallurgical processes to convert metals from high-purity raw materials to
value-added functional materials. These include powder metallurgical and pyrometallurgical continuous casting, direct and indirect extrusion, wire-drawing and wire-rolling, cladding, high-precision closed and open rolling, slitting, slicing, stamping, bending, and so forth.
All products and all delivery forms have one common denominator: the process is the overriding factor in determining final product
properties and most quality aspects.

In other words, the goods manufactured by Technical Materials are “products by process” where, instead of the chemical  composition alone, it is the under standing and control of the manufacturing process that determines the function.
That is why our manufacturing operations are the key focus of our quality assurance, continuous improvement, and innovative drive – and we guard them like gold.