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On behalf of its clients, BrazeTec maintains an extensive product assortment of brazing alloys, fluxing agents and brazing pastes, which above all else is designed on the basis of client-specific developments and adjustments to your needs. Brazing alloys in the form of silver brazing alloys, as well as copper-based and special brazing alloys, represent an important product group within the BrazeTec product portfolio. Owing to the manifold implementation possibilities of these brazing alloys, BrazeTec has consistently optimized its product range for different areas of application. Development in this area is not static. The latest innovation is the high strength sandwich brazing alloy, BrazeTec 49/Cuplus. Enormous increases in shear strength amounting to 20 percent and more open up totally new possibilities to the tool-making industry

In addition to the brazing alloys, BrazeTec also offers soft solders, which possess a melting range generally well under that of brazing alloys. The soft solders that are available are especially suited for use in the plumbing trade and in the food industry.

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Fluxing agents make an invaluable contribution to the success of a perfect brazing joint. In this area, BrazeTec offers a multiplicity of outstanding products for the different basic materials. In our research laboratory, chemists work continually on the further development of our range of fluxing agents. Being good is no reason to avoid  improvements.