Sustainable Development

SAXONIA can look back on many years of being a sustainable development driving company.

SAXONIA's approach to Sustainable Development is a reflection of the company’s vision, values and organizational principles.

Besides serving as a foundation for the company’s culture, this roadmap also points to the four core themes that govern the way we think and act: Economic Performance, Great Place to Work, Eco-efficiency, and Stakeholder Engagement.

Technical Materials contributes to ensuring sustainability in all four areas through pragmatic measures at each SAXONIA site. The operational excellence initiative, continuous improvement programs driven by key performance indicators, innovation projects, inhouse training, product stewardship assessments and activities, and a global Sustainable Development Team that regularly holds workshops – these are just key examples of how we make sure all our activities remain sustainable, and become more so over time.

Sustainable Development at Technical Materials is a global, comprehensive objective embraced by all our production sites. We engage all stakeholders and, in a collaborative approach, show our clear leadership and commitment to success.
At SAXONIA, sustainable value creation is more than a concept – it is the path we walk every day.