Silver-Plated Copper Wire & Strip (Fuse Material)

Manufacturing process and delivery forms:

Fuse materials form the active part of a circuit fuse and are required to melt in under specific conditions to achieve a desired open circuit condition.

The reliability of these materials is thus very important for the protective function of a fuse. Fuse materials are supplied in wire and strip form, which the fuse manufacturer tailors to achieve specific melting and switch-off characteristics. To achieve time-lag melt characteristics, it is usual to add an active agent, generally a Sn-based soft solder.

Traditionally the fuse manufacturer has added the active agent to the individual finished fuse materials, however it is now becoming more common to purchase semi-finished fuses which include the active agent.

SAXONIA Contact Materials supplies these semi-finished fuse products as wires and strips made from fine silver, silver-plated copper, plain copper and silver-copper alloys

Key features:

  • well defined silver-plating thickness
  • specified and stable contact resistance


from low to high voltage fuse applications

Download Datasheet: Silver-plated Copper Wire

Download Datasheet: Silver-plated Copper Strip