Fine silver and silver alloys


Manufacturing process and delivery forms:

Silver, fine-grained silver and silver-copper which has been produced by melting-metallurgical methods.

◦Ag (fine silver, silver content >99.9%)◦AgNi0.15 & AgNi0.30 (fine-grained silver)◦AgCu3 ...10 (hard silver)


Key Features:

◦Highest electrical and thermal conductivity◦Oxidation-resistant, low contact resistance◦Low weld-on-make resistance◦Tendency for material migration in direct current applications fine grained and hard silver offer higher wear resistance than silver◦AgCu shows higher resistance against welding than Ag, but lower than AgNi◦AgCu has a higher contact resistance than AgNi0.15, (increases with Cu content)◦High ductility and very good brazing/ welding properties



  • Switching currents up to 10 A
  • Relays
  • Switches for household appliances
  • Light and main switches
  • Auxiliary power switches


Download Datasheet: Fine Silver and Silver Alloys