Silver Zinc Oxide (AgZnO)


Manufacturing process and delivery forms:

The material is manufactured by blending silver and zinc oxide powder, compaction, sintering, and extrusion.

It is available in form of wire, profile and contact tip.

The profiles and contact tips are available with a brazable silver layer and, optionally, with an additional layer of brazing alloy.


Key features:

    • high resistance to welding on make
    • low contact resistance (comparable with other silver metal oxides)
    • low erosion in small current-limiting circuit breakers and motor-protection circuit breakers
    • free of toxic and carcinogenic components
    • suitable replacement for Ag/CdO


    • earth-leakage circuit breaker
    • motor-protection circuit breaker
    • circuit breaker
    • general purpose relays
    • domestic switches

Download Datasheet: Silver Zinc Oxide