Silver Tin Oxide (Ag/SnO2 ) powder metallurgical


Manufacturing process and delivery forms:

The material is manufactured by blending silver and zinc oxide powder, compaction, sintering, and extrusion.

It is available in form of wire, profile and contact tip. The profiles and contact tips are available with a brazable silver layer and, optionally, with an additional layer of brazing alloy.


Key features:

  • best anti-welding properties on make of all silver metal oxide variants up to currents of 5000 A (increasing with higher oxide content)
  • lowest erosion rate of all silver metal oxide materials for currents exceeding 100 A
  • Significantly less material migration compared to Ag/CdO and Ag/ZnO
  • low contact resistance comparable to other silver metal oxides
  • special additives keep the contact resistance stable troughout the service life
  • excellent arc extinguishing properties
  • RoHS & ELV conform
  • suitable as a replacement for Ag/CdO


  • contactors
  • automotive relays
  • power line relays
  • earth leakage breakers, miniature circuit breakers
  • switches for domestic applications, main switches
  • circuit breakers up to switching currents of 5000 A


Download Datasheet: Silver Tin Oxide