Silver Nickel (AgNi)

Manufacturing process and delivery forms

Silver nickel from SAXONIA is produced using a multistage powder blending, compacting, sintering and extrusion process, followed by a drawing process or rolling process to the final dimensions.

Key Features:

reliable anti-welding properties for switching currents up to 150 A

  • low contact resistance (nearly constant throughout the life time)
  • low arc erosion for switching currents up to 100 A
  • good arc migration and arc extinguishing properties
  • residual particles on insulating materials offer high electrical strength
  • good formability, can be welded directly


    • switches for domestic applications, auxiliary switches
    • contactors of switching currents up to 150 A
    • miniature circuit breakers, circuit breakers (asymmetrical combination with AgC)
    • power line relays, automotive relays
    • main contacts for ACB

Download Datasheet: Silver nickel