Silver Cadmium Oxide (Ag/CdO)


Manufacturing process and delivery forms:

Ag/CdO materials are manufactured either by

  • blending of silver and cadmium oxide powder, compaction, sintering, and extrusion  or
  • casting of silver cadmium grains, internal oxidation, and extrusion

Wires and profiles are produced by final drawing or rolling. Products are available with brazeable silver backing layer, and additional brazing alloy if required.

Key features:

  • excellent anti-welding properties on make, higher CdO content is improving anti-welding properties
  • low contact resistance compared to other metal oxides
  • contact resistance stable throughout the lifetime
  • low arc erosion, excellent arc extinguishing properties
  • tendency to material transfer in DC applications



  • switches for domestic applications, main switches
  • earth leakage breakers, miniature circuit breakers
  • contactors
  • circuit breakers up to a switching current of 3000 A
  • general purpose relays


Download Datasheet: Silver Cadmium Oxide